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BIRU established in Indonesia as a local company in Network Solution, Engineering Civil Work and General Trading. With the passion of young focus leader and experienced personnel, BIRU put their customer as priority to work with. We work together mainly with government, military and defense area. Our main businesses basically a private military contractor in Indonesia.


Company Brief

Begin in 2013 BIRU started their first project in Military headquarter in Jakarta. BIRU have completed construction for Fiber Optic network within the headquarter military complex. Since then, BIRU becoming a local partner for Indonesian military in procuring of goods and services, public construction works, and network support.

We divided our business in THREE sectors area such as; NETWORK Department concentrating more into the network engineering for internet service in government and military sectors, CONSTRUCTION Department for supporting engineering civil works in infrastructure projects within military area, and TRADING Department mainly to support spare parts for Air Force aircrafts.

We are oriented by two important value key things: “COMMITMENT TO QUALITY” and “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” which continues to make BIRU a trusted company in the market especially in the defense contractors.

We hope we can work together as partners and supporting your business better in the future.


Through IT Network innovations that continue to develop and becoming more advance, BIRU continues to update and provide the right network solutions for products and services needed to increase the work productivity of private sectors, government, and military department.

BIRU provides “top quality” services to meet the needs and demands of domestic and military sectors. In order to meet customer needs and demands, BIRU has collaborated with leading IT manufacturers worldwide in Indonesian market and partner with top 3 telecommunication company in Indonesia to give optimum network services.

BIRU also have developed their own software to support Indonesian Military human resources development. We custom made their needs and requirement, therefore the software is tailor made for their needs to support their military personnel mission.

Today, BIRU provides internet network services to Indonesian military headquarter and military complex houses in Jakarta together with Moratelindo as internet service provider, brand called OXYGEN internet. We also expanded our construction of fiber optic works outside Java island to widened the fiber internet market in Indonesia.
Our Network Solution


Civil Work


Integration & Installation







We have our special professional team in designing, planning and implementing general civil construction work

BIRU implement quality control and assurance to make sure that every project that is done by us, is executed according to the plan. We work effectively and efficiently according to standard best practice that also prioritize safety.

Our team personnel experienced with more than 20 years jobs in the field of civil construction work. Since 2013, BIRU already completed some design and build facilities especially in the Air Force and Government sectors.

Our experienced in the field of more than 10 years, trusted by government sectors and military office in order to design and build their facilities around the country. We have completed Air Force hangars and their maintenance facilities, Air Force academy general facilities, supporting infrastructure for Air Base command, and also military housing.
Civil Construction Work Compentences


Civil Work Engineering


Build, Integration, & Installation


Interior Design & Build


Mechanical & Electrical



With more than 10 years selling different products towards the country, from LED Products to Aviation Gasoline, BIRU is now concentrating more with this Trading department to supply military needs, especially in the Air Force.

We decided to support military needs in order to be more focus on becoming a professional military contractor within the country. Our team led by the CEO that has a much experience in the field of aviation industry, enforce us toward part of global supply chain for aviation industry.

BIRU also supply environment friendly products for Government offices such as incinerator and other products to support the Green Government.

We are also often working for general procurement within the government offices or military department. We deliver the best solution that our customer.
Trading & Supply Chain Business


Aircraft Spare Parts


Avionics Spare Parts


General Procurement


Green Incinerator



BIRU with its subsidiary company PT. Intai Aero Perkasa together with BRIN (government officials), developed a small unmanned aerial vehicle systems that already certified by Indonesian Military Aircraft Authority. Alap-alap already proven for operation within the country, participating in natural disaster and special purpose surveillance operation.

MTOW: 31 kg
Endurance: 6-8 hours
Cruising speed: 44-72 knots
Flight Radius: 100-150 km


Through our subsidiary, PT. Sembada Karya Mandiri, SKM MIT is a combat management system designed for Parchim Class warship. It integrates sensors, weapons, command and control function to engage surface and shore targets. The modular approach ensures reliability and flexibility of the equipment items.

MIT consists of subsystems such as Operator Console, Server Console, Navigation Radar Bus Server, OSD Bus Server, and Gun Interface Panel. As main part of system for user, Operator Console subsystem designed with user friendly man-machine interface and compact design.

Navigation Radar Bus Server can provide RADAR video signal for surveillance and ARPA for engagement purposes. OSD Bus Server serve environment conditions data for system such as weather condition, ship heading, speed, etc.

Our Team

Cendra Perkasa, CEO

Cendra Perkasa, CEO BIRU has a background of 12 years as an airline pilot, with experienced in narrow and wide body aircraft.
Cendra was an Airline Captain for B737. He also flew internationally with B777 for 6 years with Garuda Indonesia.
He obtained his degree in Aviation Management in New Zealand. With his passion in the aviation industry, Cendra’s goal is to bring BIRU to be the leading company in military contractor within the region especially in the Air Force market. Under his leadership he transforms the company to be more agile & productive.

Ade Prasetyo, Vice CEO

Ade Prasetyo, Vice CEO of BIRU. He obtained his Bachelor of Accounting degree from STIE Indonesia Jakarta in 2014.
He started his career as an auditor in Partners Public Accounting Firm from 2013 - 2016.
He then became the Company's Finance Director in 2017 – 2018. With his background in finance and accounting, as a Vice CEO Ade is helping shaping out the financial work within the company.


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